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A Good Thing We're Only Visiting...

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Asylum seekers are much in the media but we seldom have a chance to meet one. This resource explores the experiences of Trish Kirby and her four children after they have travelled thousands of kilometres from Melbourne to Port Hedland Detention Centre to meet fifteen-year-old Ali, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan. Explore the impact of this story on individuals as well as strategies which unpack the conflicting views about this contentious issue.

A Rude Introduction

Icon for resource: A Rude Introduction

Urban/outback. Male/female. Japanese/Australian. Formal/informal. What impacts on our identity? What assumptions do we make about others just by looking at them? How dangerous is the realm of cross-cultural encounter? Or is it exotic? Explore these questions and more through a clip from the feature film Japanese Story which explores the arrival of Japanese businessman Tachibana Hiromitsu in the Pilbara in Western Australia.

A Woman of Independence

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What motivates a young woman from Bendigo to become a political activist in another country? And what happens behind the scenes on the day of independence for Timor Leste. Read this enthralling first-hand account.

After Hanson

Icon for resource: After Hanson

The maiden speech of Pauline Hanson in 1996 and the tensions it unleashed has an impact on a young Thai–Australian. Engage with her experiences through this thought-provoking film clip.

An Australian with a Chinese Face

Icon for resource: An Australian with a Chinese Face

‘The contrast and tension… is clearly between life and death, between the sleeping and waking states, between youth and age and between reality and the dream. As such, the portrait is a metaphor for life...’ How does art provide us with insights into a person's life? This resource focuses on Chinese Australian artist Ah Xian and his ceramic bust of noted Chinese Australian Dr John Yu.

Be Cool

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Can a nerdy Asian guy develop a new, cool persona? Lawrence Leung always wanted to dance like his hero, the eighties' breakdance pioneer, Shabba Doo. This playful film clip plays with stereotypes and expectations.

Be Good, Little Migrants

Icon for resource: Be Good, Little Migrants

‘Be good, little migrants
Learn English to distinguish
ESL from RSL’

Uyen Nhu Loewald’s darkly ironic poem explores the terrain of multiculturalism and the expectations of migrants in this society.

Brett Does Bollywood

Icon for resource: Brett Does Bollywood

Can cricketers sing? Should cricketers sing? ‘You’re the One for Me’ is a playful Bollywood-style song which features an Australian ‘outsider’ to India who wants to be given the chance to date a young Indian woman who he has fallen in love with. He wants the young woman and her mother to ‘look at him’ and see beyond his differences. Legendary Indian singer Asha Bhosle combines with Lee to produce this fascinating cross-cultural film clip.

Chenxi and the Foreigner

Icon for resource: Chenxi and the Foreigner

Just four weeks before the Tiananmen Square massacre takes place, Anna, an 18-year-old Australian student, comes to China to spend some time with her expatriate father and to learn the art of Chinese brushstroke painting. This resource explores cross-cultural questions, Chinese culture, art practices and perspectives, love and freedom of speech through Anna's experiences.

Chinese Whispers

Icon for resource: Chinese Whispers

What has the game of Chinese whispers got in common with Elvis and the city of Nagasaki … and Chinese burns for that matter? Tom Cho’s satire is a speedy take on modern Australian identity and cultural interactions. This story is taken from Cho’s short story collection Look Who’s Morphing.

Displaying 1-10 of 40 resources